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Biography Sheila on 7

Sheila on seven is one among a gaggle of Indonesian music that stands on could half-dozen, 1996 This was originally a bunch of faculty kids from many high faculties in Yogyakarta. At the start of the 5 children unite, Ambassador (vocals) comes from SMA four, Adam (bass) from SMA half-dozen, Eross (guitar) from SMA Muhammadiyah I, Sakti (guitar) from Delaware Britto highschool, and Anton (drums) come back from SMA Bopkri I. They united to make a band and convey the songs of the cluster Oasis, U2, Bon Jovi, Guns N 'Roses, etc.. At that point, they have already got some original songs of their own and that they try and introduce and convey the songs with full confidence in a very form of performances.


Starting from Adam and Sakti World Health Organization had a band referred to as "WHY Gank" invitations ambassadors joined their band follow for a musician. Duta been armed with the story of Adam which Adam may be a subscription performers Ambassador August 17's in their housing complicated, Ambassador Adam sing and play guitar.

Talking regarding "WHY Gank" then, Adam and Sakti square measure usually swapped position as player and instrumentalist depends of the song that they bring about. however the coincidence band consisting of Adam, Sakti, Ambassadors, and a percussionist named Court has not however had time to sample the music stage. they're just exercises within the studio, redo songs notable bands, and audition / choice to be performed at an incident.

A year later once "WHY Gank" had a vacuum your time, their berkenalanlah Eross (which later became their lead guitar). The four of them later conceive to begin a replacement band, and Meet them with the percussionist Anton introduced by Eross throughout the band's initial rehearsal at the studio. once the primary effort is finished they determined to call the band with the name "Sheilagank", and created on could half-dozen, 1996 because the day of their birth.

"Sheilagank" had crisscross the pensi-pensi and a highschool band pageant Java DIY for regarding two years, till mid-1998 they finally get a "record contract" their initial with the label Sony Music Entertaintment state. They then modified their band name to "Sheila On 7". The name "Sheilagank" was later used because the title for loyal listeners their works. "Sheila" is really taken from a highschool friend World Health Organization was conjointly an exponent Eross American state Adam and ambassador. Once, once {the initial|the primary} Adam and Eross familiar first, Adam referred to as Eross to decision "friend Sheila huh?", And Eross replied "you're her friend Sheila too huh?", that the name is commonly mentioned in their spoken communication. whereas the "Club seven" means that "at 7 tones that do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si". that the name "Sheila On seven" roughly means that his friends "Sheila" World Health Organization vie 7 tones / enjoying music.

Sheila On seven since the primary spherical within the Indonesian music scene has chalked lots of accomplishments, together with being the sole Indonesian band which will sell physical albums by over 1,000,000 copies, 3 albums in a very row. They even have loyal audiences in neighboring countries like Malaya, Singapore, and Brunei.

But in 2004, that they had to spare Anton (drums) as a result of not disipilin in keeping with his manager. it had been then Brian entered as a further player to fill the position left by percussionist Anton. Brian performed with Zero seven on numerous promo tour for the album "Tough Stud". Album The highest of S Club seven (2005) became the primary studio recording career Brian with Zero seven as a further player.

In 2006, Sheila On seven conjointly had to spare the approach as a result of he resigned within the middle of recording the album "507" due to the need to continue their education to Pakistan couldn't be stopped. However, throughout the method of recording the album "507" is additionally the Sheila On seven finally raised a percussionist Brian Sheila On seven til now. in 2011 Eross conjointly in brief took ink-black Santoso / Risky A. Santoso to fill the position of second instrumentalist World Health Organization initial had left by Sakti, however ink-black Santoso busy along with his own band and distance (Niwa Shady) band from Tegal, Central Java. Eross and ink-black introduced by one shut friend Eross And ink-black.

Music Vogue

Until now, they're still tough to explain specifically what color the music vie. however one factor that's clear is that they're believed to play "Sheila music", wherever the ideas or creations in music ad libitum seem and show the lyrics square measure straightforward to digest and straightforward music ideas.

At its origination this cluster named "Sheila". shortly once, they more the word "gang", to be "Sheila Gank". However, due to the sense, eventually modified their name to "Sheila on 7", "on seven" means that solmisasi aka 7 scales (do re mi solfa syllable sol la si).

Since the start of this cluster attempting to perform professionally. starting with their involvement within the music scene, pageant or industrial performances in Yogyakarta and Central Java, each within the scope of colleges, colleges, and public platforms. One factor is sort of convincing and happy with their participation within the program is that the indie label "Musical Event" (event native musicians) in 1997 belongs to Apache 106.1 FM Radio and G-Indie Production that initiation by Teuku Dalin in Yogyakarta, wherever program is that the program syndicated broadcast by nearly ninety personal radio stations within the country. Musical event may be a radio program that broadcast songs of his own works of native bands that have not been commercially recorded.

In this program they get a really positive response, with requests from listeners to tune their own work that we have a tendency to, putt them for three consecutive months within the charts event Indie Musical G-10 in March, April, and should 1997. As was same by Teuku Dalin: "Sheila Gank got talent wherever they with boldness jabbing original songs at a neighborhood stage, though it had been still quiet pat, i feel they're a trigger for band teams in Yogyakarta is also the price ticket for industrial recordings major label. inform at it, "Sheila on 7" able to replicate on themselves and build it as a benchmark for the amount the additional the longer the industrial recording. with confidence equally, Sheila on seven ventured to supply further because the proposal to label demotape Sony Music state, and at last the chance came with the language of Sheila on seven for eight albums with royalty system. 


  • Sheila on 7 (1999)
  • Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan (2000)
  • 07 Des (2002)
  • Pejantan Tangguh (2004)
  • 507 (2006)
  • Menentukan Arah (2008)
  • Berlayar (2011)

Members stay

Akhdiyat Duta Modjo - vocals (1996-present)
Eross Candra - stringed instrument, backing vocals (1996-present)
Adam Muhammad Subarkah - bass, backing vocals (1996-present)
Brian avatar Putro - drums (2006-present)

Former members

Saktia Ari Seno - stringed instrument, backing vocals (1996-2006)
Anton Widiastanto - drums (1996-2004)

Additional Player

Nuraga eagle - the second instrumentalist, from the band the best Tree
Inky Santoso / Risky A. Santoso - second instrumentalist, from Niwa Band Shady

Achievement Sheila on 7

Double Platinum Award (1st Album) - Sony Music Asia ( agustus 1999)
Favorite Video Clip "DAN" - VMI Viewer's Choice ( agustus 1999)
Video Favorite VIFA MTV Ampuh “Dan” ( september 1999)
Favorite Band - MUMU Reader's Choice ( september 1999)
Band Terpanjang - Kawanku Award 1999 (oktober 1999)
Video Favorite VIFA MTV Ampuh “Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki” ( Oktober 1999)
Best Song "DAN" of Pop Category - Anugerah Musik Indonesia (november 1999)
Best Producer Sheila on 7-Anugerah Musik Indonesia (november 1999)
Best Video Clip "DAN" - Panasonic Award (november 1999)
Album Paling Berkilau “Sheila on 7” versi tabloid Bintang Indonesia (november 1999)
10 Bintang Potensial versi tabloid Bintang Indonesia (november 1999)
Best Rock Group - HAI Magazine Music Polling (desember 1999)
Best New Comer Group - HAI Magazine Music Polling (desember 1999)
Best Song "DAN" - HAI Magazine Music Polling (desember 1999)
Best Album "Sheila On 7" - HAI Magazine Music Polling (desember 1999)
Best Model video “Anugrah Terindah yang pernah Kumiliki” HAI Magazine Music Polling (desember 1999)
Song Of the Year Mtv Ampuh “Dan” (Januari 2000)
Best New Artist - MTV VMA (Juni 2000)
Best New Artist - Kabar Kabari (Juli 2000)
7 Platinum and Special Super Achievement Award (1st Album) - Sony Music Asia(august 2000)
The Rocketeer Award - Clear Top 10 Award (september 2000)
Band Terlalu - Kawanku Award 2000 (september 2000)
The 10 Best Millenist - Bintang Millenia (desember 2000)
Bintang MUMU 2000 - Tabloid musik MUMU (desember 2000)
Song Of the Year Mtv Ampuh “Dan” (Januari 2001)
Best Pop Group - HAI Magazine Music Polling (januari 2001)
Most Favorite Band - Musikamu Polling (januari 2001)
No.1 Hits of the World “Kisah klasik Untuk Masa Depan” Billboard chart Malaysia(Februari 2001)
Video klip terbaik Bulanan “Sephia” VMI 2001
Video klip favorit Bulanan “Sephia” VMI 2001
Platinum Award (2nd Album) - Sony Music Malaysia (maret 2001)
Best Pop Band - PAMI Award (maret 2001)
Ten Times Platinum - Sony Music Indonesia (mei 2001)
Most Favorite Band or Group or Duo - Penghargaan MTV Indonesia 2001(juni 2001)
Best Model Clip “Sephia” MTV Video Music Awards 2001
Band Paling Ngetop - SCTV Award 2001 (Agustus 2001)
The Coolest Duo or Group - Clear Top 10 Award (September 2001)
The Fabulous Album "Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan" - Clear Top 10 Award (September 2001)
Lagu Terbaik "SEPHIA" Kategori Pop Progressive - AMI SHARP AWARD 2001 (Oktober 2001)
Lagu Terbaik "SEPHIA" Kategori Best Of The Best - AMI SHARP AWARD 2001 (Oktober 2001)
Lagu anak-anak terbaik "Jangan takut gelap" feat Tasya AMI SHARP AWARD 2001 (Oktober 2001)
Penyanyi anak-anak terbaik "Jangan takut gelap" feat Tasya AMI SHARP AWARD 2001(Oktober 2001)
Anugerah Khas Bintang Popular - Anugerah Bintang Popular Malaysia 2001 (November 2001)
Bintang Paling Berkilau 2001Tabloid Bintang Indonesia 2001
Album Paling Berkilau 2001 “Kisah klasik untuk masa depan” Tabloid Bintang Indonesia 2001
Band Terlempar - Kawanku Award 2001 (Desember 2001)
Duo/Kumpulan Paling Popular - Anugerah Planet Music 2002 di Singapore (Januari 2002)
Penerima Royalty Tertinggi Di Indonesia dari Yayasan Karya Cipta Indonesia (Juni 2002)
Tokoh Pengangkat Citra Yogya "Sheila On 7"Anugerah Andrawina Kedaulatan Rakyat 2002
Album Pop terbaik 07 des AMI AWARDS 2002
Album Rekaman Terbaik 07 des AMI AWARDS 2002
Penata rekaman terbaik "Seberapa Pantas" Sheila On 7 AMI AWARDS 2002
Produser Rekaman terbaik "Seberapa Pantas" Sheila On 7 AMI AWARDS 2002
Album Paling Berkilau 2002 “07 des” Tabloid Bintang Indonesia 2002
Vokal pilihan berkumpulan/Duo - Anugerah Era Malaysia 2003 (January 2003)
Penyanyi/Band Paling Ngetop SCTV Music Awards 2003 (April 2003)
Lagu Paling Ngetop "Seberapa Pantas" SCTV Music Awards 2003 (April 2003)
Video Klip Paling Ngetop "Seberapa Pantas" SCTV Music Awards 2003 (April 2003)
Album terbaik (07 Des) ANUGERAH PLANET MUZIK MALAYSIA 2003
Best Pop Act -Polling Musik Majalah HAI 2004
Best Album "07 Des" Polling Musik Majalah HAI 2004
Lagu Pop Alternatif terbaik "Pejantan Tangguh" AMI AWARDS 2004
Group Pop Alternatif Terbaik " Pejantan Tangguh" AMI AWARDS 2004
Album Pop Alternatif terbaik" Pejantan Tangguh" AMI AWARDS 2004
Album Terbaik (Best of the best)" Pejantan Tangguh" AMI AWARDS 2004
Lagu Original Motion Picture Terbaik “Melompat Lebih Tinggi” AMI AWARDS 2004
Peramu Rekaman Terbaik "Pejantan Tangguh" AMI AWARDS 2004
Produser Rekaman Terbaik "Pejantan Tangguh" AMI AWARDS 2004
Album Paling Berkilau 2004 “30 Hari Mencari Cinta” Bintang Indonesia 2004
Best Video klip " Pejantan Tangguh" Polling Majalah HAI 2005
Lagu Terbaik (Berhenti Berharap) ANUGERAH PLANET MUZIK SINGAPURA 2005
Album Indonesia Terbaik (30 Hari Mencari Cinta) Anugerah Industri Muzik MALAYSIA 2005
Break the Record MURI Launching album serentak di 100 radio di Indonesia 2006
Penghargaan Sebagai Pencipta Lagu Nasional "Bendera"-Eross Chandra- KemMenpora 2006
Gitaris terbaik “Eross Chandra” TAKE AMI AWARDS 2006
150 Album Indonesia Terbaik Sepanjang Masa "Sheila on 7" Rolling Stone Indonesia 2007
150 Lagu Indonesia Terbaik Sepanjang Masa "Dan" Rolling Stone Indonesia 2009
150 Lagu Indonesia Terbaik Sepanjang Masa "Bendera" Rolling Stone Indonesia 2009
150 Lagu Indonesia Terbaik Sepanjang Masa "Melompat Lebih Tinggi" RollingStone 2009
Pemenang Class Music Heroes –Talk Less Do More Award 2009
The 50 Greatest Indonesian Drummers “Brian Kresno Putro” Rollingstone Indonesia (November 2010)
Best Pop Group - Polling Musik Hai 2010
Platinum Award album ” Berlayar” Sony Music Indonesia 2011
Best Album “Berlayar” Polling Musik Hai 2011
Best Album 2011 "Berlayar" Rollingstone Indonesia Desember 2011
Gitaris Indonesia pertama yang merilis Gitar Fender Signature “Eross Chandra” (Maret 2012)

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